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Comment with 'Me Too!' and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people / places / things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

ssquirel_fic gave me the letter T

1) Tommy Knight - My current facination. Plus the fact he looks very much like my current crush (or vica versa).

2) Torchwood - I know it hasn't been on for ahile, and the ending sucked, but i like to think of it as just before COE, and use that in fic ideas.

3) Tara Maclay - One of my favourite buffy characters, and also, the main crossover character in one fo my longest fics i wrote.

4) Talking - I'll admit it. I love talking.

5) Touching (though only in a certain way) - I love hugs and stuff, i know the start seems creepy, but i love being able to hug people, and with certain people *cough*TCLC*cough* just generally being in physical contact. HO WEVER. nobody and i mean nobody is allowed to touch my knees or elbows, or suprise me by touching the back of my neck or touch my sides  (i'm very ticklish)

6) Television - obviously. no contest. I love TV more than anything (barring things that are above).

7) Telepathy - Okay, i don't actually have the ability but i would kill for it. I mean... it would be so awesome, especially if it was powerful enough to include mind control, body posession or sensory linking...

8) Townend, Jonny. - As soon as i STOP having a crush on him and focus more on TCLC, we suddenly start talking more and getting along. still i love talking to him.

9) Telekinesis - another power i'd kill to have.

10) Tetrodotoxin - awesome. I want some and then my enemies would be deaded.


Mr. Smith! I Need You!” Clyde shouted as he ran into the attic, ignorant to Sarah Jane and Luke in the corner, chatting aboutt a new alien devices. Even as he shouted for the computer he was tugging off his jacket, revealing that he was shirtless.


And also sprouting two brilliant white wings.

Sarah Jane had grabbed a device from the table and was aiming at Clyde. “Who are you?”She said calmly.


Clyde froze and turned around. “Sarah Jane, it's me.” He said, his voice quaked slightly as he looked at the device. “I was sleeping and when I woke up, my back was sore and...” He gestured to the wings.


Mr. Smith cut in. “The genetics are almost complete match for Clyde Langer, except for some dormant gene's which have been acivated.”


“This is that Doctor's fault! His time thing must have messed me up.” Clyde shouted, as he pointed at the back of the room where they had last seen the TARDIS. As he gestures with his arm, the wing on that side flappen, blowing a stack of papers.


Luke hadn't said anything at all, just sat frowning at the wings. Clyde didn't want to know what was going through Luke's head. Instead he turned to sarah jane. “Are you going to do something then?!”


Sarah Jane blinked as though she had been distracted by something. “Right, Mr smith, Ring The Doctor.”


Clyde frowned, “It's that easy then? Why don't we call him in whenever we have a problem?”


“Because first we need to find out if he is in this time period, next we have to make sure this doctor is from after the last time we met him, then we need to make sure he isn't in the middle of some war.” Sarah Jane said, finishing just as the doctor answered.


“Sarah Jane! Lovely to hear from you.”


Sarah Janes face lit up. “Doctor.” She said simply. Then she snapped back to the task at hand. “Doctor? When did you last see me?”


“Yesterday for you, your almost wedding. Whats wrong?”


Sarah Jane smiled. “Clyde Langer, the boy who defeated the trickster has.... had a small mishap. He says it's because of your tardis. Think you can come give us a hand?”


She heard a wheezing and groaning noise and the phone disconnecting, before the same noise filled the attic, and papers were tossed about as the wind picked up. The minute the TARDIS appeared, the doctor was sticking his head out the door looking around the attic. He nodded at Sarah Jane and Luke with a smile. Then his eyes fell on Clyde.


He dragged Clyde into the TARDIS without any warning or further questions. They were gone for a few minutes, and when they returned, Clyde was glaring at the Doctor and rubbing his wingless back. “There you go, good as new.”


Luke shot over the room and wrapped his arms around Clyde, hugging him tightly. Clyde grit his teeth as his very sensetive back was crushed by Luke. The Doctor and Sarah Jane smiled at the two of them, and watched what happened. Luke pulled away. “I'm glad you don't have wings.”


Clyde grinned and went to say something. Only for Luke to cut him off.


“It could have made sex very awkward for us.”




Short little thing, wrote to get rid of the idea of hand porn

It's Cluke, btw

    Clyde was sat in maths when he noticed Luke doing something really weird. More weird than usual, in Clyde's informed opinion. He knew it wasn't Luke fault, since he hurt his hand saving the world and all that. But he had to excercise it, to keep it from going stiff (and some part of his brain was giggling immaturely at that last thought), but did he have to do it now? His fingers were flexing and moving and.... wow. Clyde shifted in his seat and made an effort to not look and to focus on the .... english lesson? Math? Wow, he was a bad student.
    He looked down when he lost intrest in the class, and caught sight out of Luke still flexing his fingers. He really didn't want to look. He was fine with the girls loving him, he didn't care that boys loved him, But he was not getting aroused by the sight of Luke' hand doing.... that really erotic thing.
    Well, Cyde decided, that after this, he was definetly going to hell. And Luke NEVER gets to hurt his hand again, because Clyde would literally explode. Y'know, in the same way that he was going to do next time he's alone

09. Future.


“What do you think’ll happen in the future?” Clyde asked whilst the whole group were sat in the attic. The whole group looked to him as he cut the silence that had descended.


Rani shrugged. “I think the world will keep on turning. Nothing else is really set in stone... right?” She asked, turning to Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane shrugged a little and opened her mouth, probably to say something inspirational, before Luke cut in.


“I think that I’ll go to school tomorrow and listen to the teacher but stare at you, then come home and wonder when you’re going to come round or call, end up using Mr. Smith to do some research and then go to sleep.”


Clyde blinked.


Rani blinked.


Sarah Jane blinked.


Mr Smith... did the computer equivalent of blinking.


Luke looked up from his book. “what’s wrong?”

08. Past.

“Tell me about your past?” Luke asked, while he was laid on the air mattress in Clyde’s room.

“I’m not sure what you ...” Clyde said sitting up and feeling slightly uncomfortable with the question. Not that he has anything to hide of course, but it makes him aware of the fact that Luke.... well, doesn’t have a past, at least not one that Clyde doesn’t know about.

“I mean, tell me about your past. What’s your earliest memory, what’s your favourite memory, what’s the worst?” Luke asked moving to sit on Clyde’s bed.  “It’s just... we’re really close, but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about anything important in the past.”

Clyde frowned, “Well, yeah... I mean it’s not like it could be a mutual sharing. I know all about your past, because I’ve known you almost as long as you’ve been alive.”

Luke frowned, lying down so his head is on Clyde’s pillow. “It doesn’t matter. I mean, I just want to get to know you better.”

“Alright.” Clyde said. “The earliest thing I can remember is ... I’m not sure, I think it’s my first day at school. My worst memory is when my dad wiped my memories of you.  And my best memory is the first time you said you loved me.” He laid down and kissed Luke on the nose. “Now go to sleep”

07. friends

“Clyde?” Luke asked, turning over and looking at Clyde who was sleeping soundly in the bed. He said Clyde’s name a few more times, with no responce before he sat on the corner of the bed. Clyde still didn’t stir and Luke’s confidence grew slightly. He coughed lightly. Before beginning to speak.

“Clyde. I don’t want to be your friend anymore.” He waited for a second to see if there was any reaction. There was still none. “Being friends is very good and everything, but I don’t think that it could work out between us. It is definetly not you. That’s the problem really. It’s me, but if you had the same problem then It could work out. I talked to Maria about it and she told me that it was okay, and we discussed my options. She made me promise to talk to you about it, but she never mentioned you had to be awake.”

“I’m pretty sure by now that you’ve come to the decision that I’m not attracted to anyone. This almost true, and if you were to ask me when you were awake, I would tell you that I’m not attracted to anyone. I’d be lying.”

Clyde turned over in his sleep, till he was facing where Luke was sat. Luke barely noticed as he steamed forward with what he was saying.

“I’ve liked you for a long, long time. I didn’t work it out until that boy came out at school. I discussed it with Maria, and she was the one who helped me work it out. I think I love you.”

Clyde’s eyes opened lazily. “That’s great, Luke, and we’ll discuss it in the morning. But either get in your bed or get in mine and go to sleep.”

06. Different

Different, Luke had learned, was just a nice way of saying weird. It meant abnormal, or meant that you were part of a minority. Luke was very different. He was pretty sure in this current time he was part of the smallest minority on earth. That of boys who were created by an alien species, made to be the perfect human being, and still had a crush on there best friend.

Not that Clyde knew that Luke was that different. Luke had been very good at pretending to be pretty much asexual around Clyde. He pretended to be embarrassed when Clyde asked him about girls, and never ever looked twice at a boy when Clyde was around.


Clyde wondered how many more hints he was going to have to drop around Luke before Luke turned around and realized that when Clyde said, “I like different things.” that the sub text was “I like you!”

Luke was so different than all the other teenagers that Clyde knew. He wasn’t self obsessed, he didn’t conform to people. He didn't act like an idiot and chase girls all the time, which Clyde had to struggle not to draw conclusions from.

Not that there would be anything wrong for drawing that sort of conclusion if that conclusion turned out to be right. It'd be pretty hypocritical of him.

Because he had abig crush on luke.

The only problem was that no matter how much he liked luke he wasn't going to turn around and point out that difference. Because how would he react if it turned out that Luke wasn't... that different. It'd be so embaressing. Sometimes it was a good idea to hide your differences.

05. Mail

05. Mail.

“So, you’re telling me that, on valentines day, they’re not delivering mail because of an alien attack that caused mayhem?” Clyde asked Sarah Jane, very annoyed, though Luke couldn’t really work out why. “What about my cards?”

Luke frowned. “Won’t you still receive them at school?” He asked, confused.

“If people really want you to be your Valentine, they’ll send them to your house, luke, it’s just the way it works.” Clyde said, barely looking away from Sarah Jane as he spoke. “Isn’t there something you can do?”

Sarah Jane frowned, crossing her arms. “There are more important things to do, than make sure the british postal service delivers your letters.” She handed Luke some money for his lunch, and then started to shoo the two of them out of the doors. “Now hurry up and get to school.”

Clyde grumbled to Rani and Luke all the way to school, till it got to the point that Rani had gone away, and luke was considering thinking about her. “Clyde! It’s not that big a deal about the Valentines cards. The people who give you them in school still like you right?”

Clyde shook his head sadly. “Not really.” Luke looked degected for a second and pulled his hand out of his bag. “What’s the matter?” Clyde asked, seeing Luke’s expression .

“Oh... Nothing.” Luke muttered, before rushing off to his next lesson.


Clyde was laid in bed that night, his window slightly open to let in a cool breeze whilst he played his computer game. Suddenly, defying all logic, a card came flying through the window. It even came to a rest right in front of Clyde, with his name in fancy lettering on the front.

Opening the letter, he was pleased to find a card. It wasn’t signed, but had a piece of poetry inside. He ran to the window, but couldn't see anyone around. His mystery Valentine was gone.


“Thanks Mr Smith” Luke said, smiling slightly, as Mr Smith went back into ‘standby mode’ as Clyde called it occasionally. He put the device back on the shelf, before Sarah Jane realized he had used it. He tore up the paper that he had done his calculations on. He went to bed, feeling like he had done a good job.

04. Simple

04. Simple.

Clyde always used to think that everything was simple in life. Heroes were good, monsters were bad. The boy loved the girl, and the girl loved the boy back. Babies came from one mother and one father. Boys played football, played practical jokes, and were generally boy-ish.

Then it started to change. His father went away and left him with his mother. He was told that was ok though. Because his mom loved him, and his dad had to go somewhere different. Then, he realized that sometimes the girl didn’t like the boy back, or the boy didn’t like the girl in the first place.

Then he met Luke Smith. Luke Smith had no mother or father, but sarah jane had adopted him, but he hadn’t been born. Luke Smith had no attraction to any girl, no matter how much the girls tried to throw themselves at him. Luke did not play football, did not joke about things, and sometimes acted really girlishly.

But... It was kind of okay. Luke Smith was kind and caring. He was smart, and would try anything if it would make his friends happy. He was a great swimmer, he was always ready to listen to your problems and help out. You couldn’t help but love him.

Clyde had to say, that keeping things simple isn’t always the way that you should do things.

02. Dark

02. Dark.

hen Clyde got a phone call at two in the morning, he was ready to murder whoever it was on the other end. That was until he heard Luke’s voice on the other end, sounding very scared and childlike. “Clyde, I’m scared.” Clyde rolled onto his back and rubbed his eyes, not speaking for the moment. “Clyde? Are- are you still there?” Luke asked,

“Yeah, yeah I am Luke.” Clyde said, slightly annoyed. The crabby part of his brain wanted to ask why he was calling him instead of speaking to Sarah Jane or even Mr. Smith instead of him, whilst other parts were very pleased that Luke had called him and felt more comfortable talking to him that his mom. “Give me a few minutes to throw on some clothes and I’ll be right over.” He said, already pulling on his clothes as he spoke to Luke. “Will you be alright for a few minutes?”

“I... I think so,” Luke said, and Clyde could have sworn Luke sniffled. Luke never cried, except for when Maria left. “Clyde... I feel really scared.”

Clyde frowned, quietly climbing down the stairs and out of the front door. “I’ll be a few minutes Luke, just turn the lights on and I’ll be right there.” He listened as Luke shuffled out of bed, flicked the light switch, and climbed back into bed.

Five minutes later, Clyde was quietly letting himself into the house, and locking the door behind him. He missed all the creaky spots on the floor and stairs, and made his way to Luke’s bedroom. He waited and gently knocked on the door. He heard a little gasp, and after a few seconds the handle turned and Luke peered out into the hallway. His hair was ruffled and he looked really tired. “Come in” Luke said, practically dragging Clyde into the room.

As soon as Clyde was inside, Luke locked the door, and climbed into bed again, curling into a ball under the covers. With a sigh, Clyde sat down on the side of the bed, and gently started stroking Luke’s hair. “It wasn’t your fault Luke. You couldn’t have done anything.” He said in a soothing voice, and Luke moved closer to him.

“Can... Can you stay here tonight? Or... I mean, sleep in here with me.” Luke said looking up at Clyde with eyes that would make anyone putty in his hands. Clyde nodded and pulled of his shirt and jeans and crawled into the bed. “Clyde...” Luke said, moving closer to Clyde and wrapping his arm around him. “I’m scared.”

Clyde nodded, and snuggled into Luke a bit more, wrapping an arm around him. “I know... I am too. But we’ll find her.” He said, looking at the dark around them. “You didn’t know that he could collapse the tunnel around you.”

“It... It was so cold and dark Clyde. I could barely breathe, and I could hear her screaming my name and...”

“I know Luke, I know”

“Don’t leave me alone... Not in the dark.”


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